Partners engaged in an erotic experience are sometimes challenged to find the best methods for maximizing pleasure. If the couple is inexperienced, or uneducated in the give and take art of lovemaking, there can be a rush to get into the act of sexual intercourse, leaving off a vital element, Foreplay. Foreplay (also called “outercourse”) is usually defined as erotic stimulation preceding intercourse and it does not just start in the bedroom. It can include a lot of different things. Kissing, cuddling, sharing fantasies, watching a flick, talking, leaving a sexy note, roleplay, candles, soft music, striptease, massages, showering together, oral sex, or touching one another’s genitals are prime examples. Foreplay is fun and can make sex more exciting. It releases all your feel-good hormones and gets your body ready for sex. Foreplay also increases the blood flow to the genitals and helps lubricate the vagina to prevent pain during sex. Foreplay promotes swelling of the breasts, erect nipples and increases your heart rate, pulse, and blood pressure. Foreplay also lets you get out of your head while you are with your partner and helps you focus on the now!

Bottom line:
Talk openly and candidly with your partner about what works for both of you and what does not. Everyone enjoys different things, and you should not expect your partner to know what you want until you say it. Be attentive to your partners needs and sensibilities. Pay particular attention to issues of cleanliness, timing, and environment. Foreplay, if done right, can transform your sexual experience into pleasant love making and not just having sex.



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This blog about foreplay is right on time. Men like to get to the sex way too early. I like fore play especially when your older. Tracie be right on the money with her blogs. She is so sex smart whn it comes to yor body. I love reading what she has to say Thanks

Sandra Coco Conor

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