Moaning During SEX

Moaning During SEX

Women moan during sex for many reasons.  Some say women moan to turn their partner on, to stroke their ego and heighten the experience to help them reach orgasm Some find it a natural thing to do because of the thrust of the penis in and out and that feels good to the woman. It is a part of being aroused. It is a natural exertion. Some even scream or grunt when he finds the G-Spot.  It is a form of release.  It is also a turn on during sex.  It tells their partner they are enjoying the sex.

However, one will be surprised to learn some women are embarrassed to moan.  Being quiet during sex is nothing to be ashamed of; you are just not a moaner.  You can still enjoy sex without the moans. It is all about the balance of what feels good to you, whether you feel like screaming at the top of your lungs or breathing deeply; whatever floats your boat.  It is ALL OKAY!  For those of you who are embarrassed to moan, play some music or bite a pillow.

Some associate moaning with pain, not a hurtful pain, but a” feel good” pain. When you have a feeling inside, you need to make noise to get it out. Moaning can enhance sexual pleasure. From beginning to end, I love the sexy voice exchange, the whispers and purrs with heavy sighs of intensity and the sweet moaning of pleasure. Moaning is a way to let your partner know he or she is pleasing you. You use all your senses to have sex.  Your audial senses should not be ignored.

A major benefit of sexual noises is that—if genuine—they demonstrate that the partner is not indifferent. It may be important to make noise so that your partner is not put off by thinking the wrong thing.  In this sense, any noise is better than complete silence.  Some are talkers: “OH!” “Ooooh!” “Ahhh!”. “Yeah, right there!” “Faster!” “Deeper!” “Yesss!”  When feeling pressure, you may lose control of your body.  The somatic nervous system takes a back seat and you cannot control the sounds that come from your mouth.

On the flip side, you might be faking it.  If you must fake, do not moan at all. Sit back and enjoy it. If the sex is not good, kick that person to the curb. Moaning is a way to communicate to your partner that you are enjoying the sex.  Think of it as a nudge in the right directions. ENJOY YOUR SEX MOANS! 

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