Penis Pain

Penis pain can occur for several reasons and can be related to different factors. If you have a penis it is important to pay attention to signs of pain, as well as the location of the pain. Is it at the top, bottom, or middle of the penis? Did you know that sexually transmitted diseases can cause penis pain? Urethritis (UTI), or trauma from a penis injury, including rough sex are also causes of penis pain. A vigorous round of solo action can lead men to unbelievable ecstasy, followed by a glow of satisfaction and a sense of relaxation and well-being. However, it can also lead to soreness, aching, and a lingering feeling of discomfort. This blog is not to blow your fantasy, but to make you aware. Read below for more information on the causes and how to relieve penis pain.

  • While the sliding, gliding, and thrusting of sex feels tremendous in the moment, there is actually a lot of heat being generated by the friction. Most men will not notice this when it is happening, unless things are particularly dry, but when the heat of the moment is over, this chafing can lead to red, raw-looking skin, or even the appearance of a rash. Over time, friction from intercourse, or masturbation can cause the skin to overcompensate during healing, and a thicker layer of keratinized dermal tissue may be the result. Since this callus-like tissue can block pleasurable sensation, preventing it from occurring through regular moisturizing and use of a lube is highly recommended. (Essence of Nature “Scrotum Oil” is a great moisturizer also Essence of Nature “Ease In Sex Lubricant” is great.  We also have “Release” for men’s solo pleasure.)
  • Penis skin is very thin and delicate, any exposure to your partner’s body fluids, as well as lubes, latex, or other substances which may come into play can cause the skin to become irritated.  Redness, itching, burning, and even swelling may ensue. Avoiding known irritants is important, so if a reaction seems to occur any time a particular product is used, eliminating this from the process is a good idea.
  • Blunt force trauma or torsion. In a heated moment, it is natural to get overly enthusiastic, but abrupt moves can lead to sudden impact with a partner’s pelvic bone or with a sudden twist or turn that can cause penis pain and even rupture the penile tissue. Take care during play sessions and avoid sudden, forceful moves.  It may take some of the excitement out of the process, but it can prevent a world of hurt later. (Try Essence of Nature “Penis Balm” to assist with soreness).

The following men are more prone to experience penis pain.

  • Sexuallyactive men: Especially those with multiple partners.
  • Men using erectile dysfunction medication, particularly those taking more than the recommended dose.
  • Uncircumcised men.

Are penis pain symptoms serious?

The severity of your penis pain is ultimately dependent on the cause and how much distress it is causing you.

  • Not serious: A mild irritation, either internal or external, can most often be easily treated and is not serious.
  • Moderately serious: Any symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease should be treated by your medical provider as soon as possible.
  • Serious: Any severe injury to your groin, or an erection that does not subside within three to four hours can cause long-term damage if not treated immediately (buoyhealth).

How to relieve a sore penis:
When your penis is sore take time off from solo pleasure, as well with your partner. Give yourself and your partner time to heal. For her try” Essence of Nature Vaginal Fissure Salve,” or apply a cold compress (not to cold). 

Bottom line:
Take care of your penis, do not abuse it if you want it to last.  Penis health is especially important.  If you feel any signs of discomfort, itching, soreness, or any unusual marks or bumps, seek medical attention ASAP.  Do not delay your penis health. It is in the best interest of you and your partner. 

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