If you enjoy reading adult novels we complied a list of erotic books that we sure you will enjoy.

'Follow Me Darkly' by Helen Hardt

This new series from Helen Hardt is like if Fifty Shades of Grey got a much-needed face-lift. Assistant to a social media influencer, Skye Manning, meets a billionaire, Braden Black, and sparks fly! Both become enamored with each other as they experience something they've never felt before, but not all good things last forever. 

'Set' by Alexandria House

Into "against all the odds" romance? Grab Set immediately. This hot novella tells the story of old classmates who meet again years later at their high school reunion. Both are not looking for anything serious. They agree on an arrangement of sorts (you know where this is going) that will leave you blushing page after page. 

'Backstage Pass: Sinners on Tour' by Olivia Cunning

Get this: a psychologist goes on tour with one of the hottest bands in the world and has to keep it professional. As they travel across the country, she starts to fall for the lead singer, and one thing leads to another. Get ready to blush, like, a lot.  

'Forever' By Judy Blume

This classic love story from Judy Blume (yes, Are You There God?) It's Me, Margaret and Superfudge Judy Blume) is a raw coming of age story about first love, complete with all of the awkward and beautiful sexual moments that come with it.

'Night Shift: A Choose-Your-Own Erotic Fantasy' by Joanna Angel

Sexual fantasies are unique and individual, and this is a book that understands that. Per Night Shift's Amazon description: "Your mission: In a sketchy and sexy world filled with tissues, gallons of lube, sex toys, tiger print, and swinger parties, help Taryn choose her way as she learns what happens in this small, unexpectedly kinky town. From butt plugs to cross-dressing truckers to being held-up at gunpoint over dildos, experience this fun and sexy journey along with Taryn, as she goes from shy and sweet to skilled and empowered but how she gets there is up to you!" So. In. 

'Dark Lover' by J.R. Ward

If you like your erotic fantasy with an extra dose of fantasy, the vampire-heavy Black Dagger Brotherhood series is can't-miss. The series is regularly name-dropped in lists of books with the hottest sex scenes and this New York Times best-selling series has 19 entries and counting to keep your blood flowing primarily below the waist.

'The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty' by Anne Rice

Anne Rice, woman who gifted us Interview with the Vampire, also wrote The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, a three-book series that's pretty much the same as the beloved fairy tale only with tons of sex. Read with a 2020 lens, some of the themes are a bit problematic but in the words of Rice, "The books aren't about literal cruelty; they're about surrender, the fun of imagining you have no choice but to enjoy sex. Beauty's slavery is delicious, sensuous, abandoned, and ultimately liberating."

'Bared to You' by Sylvia Day

Best-selling author Sylvia Day's series takes you through a complicated web of 20-something Eva Tramell and billionaire Gideon Cross' love lives. Their relationship begins as an "office" romance they work in the same building and develops into an emotional roller coaster as both characters deal with past sexual abuse and secrets they've buried.

'Wetlands' by Charlotte Roche

As you can tell from the quotes on the cover, this book is, um...a lot. Wetlands is about a young woman's stay in a hospital where she's being treated for an anal fissure, and its depiction of the human body, cleanliness, and sex, is something else completely.

'Gabriel's Inferno' by Sylvain Reynard

A hot professor by the name of Gabriel Emerson falls in love with his graduate student Julia Mitchell, even though it's forbidden. (Does this troupe ever get old? The answer is no.) Hardcore fans deem it as the professor and student version of Fifty Shades of Grey, so you know we had to spread the word. 

'One Night: Promised' by Jodi Ellen Malpas

This passion-filled book follows a man simply known as "M," who leaves a note—saying he wants one night of emotionless sex—on a napkin for a barista named Lily. Everything in Lily should be screaming, throw out the napkin! but, spoiler alert: She doesn't.

'Call Me By Your Name' by André Aciman

Call Me by Your Name is so much more than an "erotic novel" (though there's plenty of eroticism). It's a coming-of-age story filled with beautiful prose and, more than that, it's a reflection on the all-consuming power of love and attraction. The movie is great, but the book is a masterpiece.

'Fixed On You' by Laurelin Paige

Alayna Withers is recovering from a "love disorder" that involves stalking charges (so many questions). She's finally getting her life together when she meets her new boss—a dashing man who could cause Alayna to revert to her old habits. Next book club read?

'Blindfolded Innocence' by Alessandra Torre

Brad De Luca (what a name) is a privileged lawyer who's used to getting his way. Julia Campbell's engagement just ended, and she's loving her independent life...until she meets—dun, dun, dun—Brad. It's a well-strung tale of knowing what you want and following your heart. Cheesy, yes, but very gripping.

Bad Behavior by Mary Gaitskill

Make Degradation Sexy Again—or Bad Behavior, as the cover has it—proves that Gaitskill is still our foremost literary authority on whips, bondage, and sadomasochism. Her landmark collection resists facile sermons and cartoonish kink. Her men are brutal and unredeemable, her women hell-bent on absolution through annihilation. If that setup leaves you craving a walk on the (very) wild side, we hope the dungeon masters and dominatrixes you encounter aren't half as cruel as Gaitskill's.


Photo Credit: Drew Coffman 

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