“Clitoris” is a Greek word that comes from “kleitors,” meaning “the hill.”  “Clitoris” can also be related to the word, “kleis,” which means “key.” Located just above the urethral opening, the ONLY function of the clitoris is to provide pleasure. The clitoris has free nerve endings, providing the most sensation.  Due to its high level of sensitivity, when the clitoris is stimulated, most women will achieve an organism. The power of the orgasm is owed to the mighty clitoris. Seventy percent of women require some form of clitoral stimulation in order to achieve orgasm at all.  According to “Refinery29,” the clitoris (or “clit”) has more density in its little head than exists within the entire vagina.  It boasts more than 8,000 sensory nerve endings (the penis has just 4,000).  As a woman’s best friend, the clitoris reigns supreme.  

 According to “Medical News” the clitoris may reach as many as 7 centimeters in length, if not longer, and the glans make up about 4-7 millimeters of the whole.  When aroused, the clitoris will swell and push out. This provides a larger surface area to play with where the nerves are more sensitive.  This is what helps a woman experience greater pleasure.  Did you know that a clitoris is much like a penis? It is often called a female penis.  It has a wee shaft and glans that is protected by a foreskin we lovingly refer to as the clitoral hood. 

There was a time when talking about a woman’s clitoris was taboo. That time is past. Now it is time to wise up to your “cliteracy” and be okay with this precious body part. Be proud of it. A woman’s clitoris is her best friend, bringing pure bliss and relief, often multiple times, with or without a man. Get to know your clitoris.  Give your best friend a name. If a man can name his penis, a woman can name her clit.  Take care of your clit. Get a mirror and look at it; get to know it. It is your very own piece of power. Are you feeling yourself yet?  Whip out Essence of Nature LLC’s “CLITORIS” stimulant for women, or a toy, and get to know yourself without shame. 

Now, your clit is not your only source of pleasure. You have your breasts and nipples (we will talk about breast later). Bottom line: your body is beautiful, powerful, and capable of some outstanding pleasures. The power rests in your Clitoris. 

Photo Credit: Taras Cherrnus