Donating Your Hair?

There are several organizations and programs that can turn your hair from any culture and any texture into free or low-cost wigs for people with cancer and alopecia. A wig can give self-confidence, strength, and hope to someone struggling with the emotional challenges of hair loss. Here’s how to make the kindest cut of all.

Every hair donation organization has its own mission and goals. For example, some want a certain length. Do a little research to make sure that you’re comfortable with who receives the wigs and how. 

What you should know:

  1. Triple check donation requirements and keep hair clean dry before you send it off.
  2. Check that your salon is familiar with the hair donation process before you make the chop.
  3. A charity is more likely to use your donation if the hair is in good condition, so snip the split ends off.
  4. Pull curly hair straight to check the length — many organizations don't accept hair less than 12 inches long. Other 8-10 inches
  5. Bleached hair is rarely accepted — it's not strong enough to withstand the process.
  6. Check how much gray hair a charity accepts before cutting.
  7. Fill out all necessary forms if required.
  8. Read mission statements

Organizations you can donate your hair to:

Do you know how much your flowing tresses are worth? Get a free value estimation with this handy hair price calculator from BEAUTY MAG!



Photo Credit: Kimson Doan