Vaginal Acne

The causes of Vaginal Acne (also known as vulva acne) are due to excessive sweating and oil production in the genital area, normally to aid lubrication during sexual activities. These excessive secretions, along with dead cell debris or dirt lying there, may clog the skin pores and lead to a bump like lesion- an acne. Wearing tight underwear made up of non-absorbent material traps moisture in the pubic area and leads to acne. Infections like herpes and STDs produce lesions which resemble acne in appearance. They are identified by their accompanying signs and symptoms. STDs show other signs too. These include vaginal discharge, burning, itching, redness and swelling. Seek medical attention ASAP.

Vaginal blackheads are common over the genital region. Some are caused by skin against skin rubbing when your thighs rub together. Long term friction can cause skin breakouts. Basically, a blackhead, also called comedo, is nothing but a mild acne. It is formed when the pore of a hair follicle gets clogged up with dead cells, sebum and dirt. If it is covered with skin, we call it a white head. When not covered with skin, its contents get exposed to air and become oxidized. They show as a blackish material and the comedo is called a black head. A comedo may swell up or clog further to become a pimple. While a pimple is big and may get infected, blackheads are small and do not get infected. 

How to get rid of vagina acne:

  • Wash the area twice a day with Essence of Nature LLC Ph balance “WET” yoni wash.
  • Wear cotton panties; this will help absorb extra moisture.
  • Make sure your panties are loose and breathable.
  • Avoid eating too much greasy foods this aids in pimple production.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol. These drinks are dehydrating to the skin.
  • Eat green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits. They are natural purifiers for the skin and blood.
  • Eat yogurt. Yogurt contains good bacteria, that help maintain good vaginal Ph.
  • Use Essence of Nature LLC gentle exfoliate “Pretty Pussy”.
  • Exercising daily is important to your health. It allows your skin to breathe and lets your blood flow.
  • NEVER pop or squeeze your vaginal acne. This will only make matters worse. Keep your vaginal area clean and dry. You may try a warm compress to soften the breakout and allow for drainage.
  • Vaginal steaming is just as important as facial steaming try Essence of Nature LLC “Vaginal Detox”
  • Change your wash towel daily.
  • Never use the same towel you use on your body on your face.
  • It is best to seek medical attention with any changes to your body.
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