Meet The Owner

I am a well-trained herbalist dedicated to the advancement of science and good health. As owner-operator of ESSENCE OF NATURE LLC, I combine over 25 years experience in the medical field with a deep devotion to the ethical practice of herbal science. I understand the relationship between mind, body, and spirit. I know that taking care of all our body parts, including private areas has a good effect on our thinking and sense of well being. I developed the ESSENCE OF NATURE LLC product line with the clear intent of helping people to achieve a harmonious balance in bodily health, self-esteem, and physical pleasure. 

A review of our products will demonstrate that ESSENCE OF NATURE LLC offers an unusual line of unique products not generally sold by other vendors. We offer a complete line of sexual stimulant oils, gels and  salves, cosmetic cleansers, exfoliants and herbal steams for male and female pubic and breast areas. With each of these products we provide helpful information and advice on sexual awareness, pleasurable practices and healthy attitudes about our anatomy and bodily functions. 

As planet Earth moves into the 21st Century, it is incumbent upon all of us to be attuned to the need for affirmative steps to protect and preserve our environment. At ESSENCE OF NATURE LLC we take seriously our responsibilities in this regard. As a standing policy we continue to do our part to preserve the environment by using only “eco-friendly” ingredients and containers, and by engaging in compounding and blending methods that conserve water and energy. Glass bottles instead of plastic is one example. In every instance possible we follow the “3Rs of packaging and shipping, “Recycle ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose.” You can shop ESSENCE OF NATURE LLC with confidence because you know we care. ~ Herbalist Tracie