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10% Glycolic Acid Toner

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Alpha Hydroxy Acids (known as “AHAs,” including glycolic, lactic and citric acids to name a few) are deep cleansing exfoliating compounds. Glycolic Acid is the “Crème de La Crème,” of acids. Derived from sugar cane,Ten percent (10%) Glycolic Acid Toner will clarify your skin, exfoliating and gently removing dead skin cells, excess oil, dirt, and sebum without over-drying. It helps minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores, leaving a brighter, smoother complexion. Ten percent (10%) Glycolic Acid Toner should NOT be used by those with sensitive skin. Glycolic Acid Toner should never be used with any other glycolic products on the same day. You might feel a slight tingling sensation and flushed appearance at first, but it typically will subside within minutes. If you find the (10%) Glycolic Acid Toner to be irritating drop down to 2-3 times per week (know your own skin).

Shake well before each use. After cleansing your face and before you moisturize, saturate a cotton pad with 10% Glycolic Acid Toner and sweep across your face. Avoid the eye area. Do not rinse off. It is best used before bed and is gentle enough to be used every day.

Five percent (10%) Glycolic Acid Toner is Not Recommended for sensitive skin. Do a patch test before leaving on for a prolonged period of time. Wearing sunscreen is always essential, but it is even more important when you are using AHAs like glycolic acid. They make your skin a bit more susceptible to sunburn because, in simple terms, it is new and tender.

When you first begin using glycolic acid products, it takes time to reverse clogged pores and melt the sebum that has been already formed under your skin. This may take up to 3 -6 weeks. Regular use of Glycolic Acid Toner helps keep your pores free of blockages so that pimples do not form again. 

Best vitamins for skin:
Vitamin A is efficient in treating wrinkles.
Vitamin C is also a well-known antioxidant, protecting the skin from free radical damage.
Vitamin E can make your skin beautiful like no other.
Vitamin K is essential for healing wounds and bruises. This is because, without enough vitamin K, your blood wouldn’t be able to coagulate. When it comes to the skin benefits of vitamin K, it’s a vitamin that can tackle any problem causing your skin to look dark due to circulatory problems such as dark circles and spider veins but also stretch marks and scars.
Vitamin B3 is essential for healthy skin, but also for your brain, nervous system, and blood cells.
Vitamin B5 shows that it prevents skin water loss and improves skin barrier functioning.

Aqua, Glycolic Acid, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender), Propanediol, Niacinamide, Panthenol D-Panthenol, Matricaria recuitita (Chamomile), and Preservative

This listing is for one reusable 2oz bottle.

For external use only

100% Natural
100% Organic
100% Vegan
100% Plant based 

No parabéns
No petroleum products
No sulfates
No fragrances
No animal testing
No phthalates

Essence of Nature LLC is always working to improve our formulations. Our ingredient list is subject to change. Please refer to the packaging or website for updated changes.
The 10% Glycolic Acid Toner is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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